The media revealed that ‘Swan’ returned to ‘Artur’ in January if a new medium was obtained

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The Macaroni media have stated that Liverpool are prepared to sell midfielder. Artur Melo had just loaned back to Juventus at the start of the year. If they can successfully grab the midfielder they want to join the army.

Tutto Mercato Web Italian media English Premier League side Liverpool are reportedly considering. The possibility of terminating the loan of Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo ahead of schedule. If they can buy a new midfielder that is the real target by January.

The media revealed that 'Swan' returned to 'Artur' in January if a new medium was obtained

The 26-year-old joined Serie A from Juventus in Serie A. With a 1-season loan contract on the last day of the first transfer market and has an option to buy next summer at a price of 37.5 million euros, or about 1,387.5 million baht. If the results are satisfactory which can be paid in installments within 2 years 

Recently, the media reported that the Samba midfielder. Not the player that the Reds had initially looked at. But need to buy due to player problems with injuries. So there is no problem to be released back to Turin in January if Jurgen Klopp the German manager. Grab the players who want to add to the army during the second trading market.

which if this report is true There will be about 15 games left for loan players to showcase their work to impress the 55-year-old boss before entering the beginning of the year. which is open to trading players again And the player with the most UFABET news with Red Machine is Jude Bellingham, a youngster from Borussia Dortmund, but it is expected that the Yellow Tigers will not be released in the middle of the season. 

As for Arthur, having only made one appearance for Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League group stage, the first leg defeated by Napoli 1-4, coming on as a substitute in the 77th minute, he did not show results. The work is tangible to be seen. The next match that the team will open at UFABET home to Brighton on Saturday October 1 is expected to remain on the bench as before.