“Swan” refuses to extend the contract “Coaches the far-flung”, ending work for 5 years

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Liverpool will be out of the services of long-throw specialist Thomas Grönemark next season as his contract expires and the club has not extended it, while he wants to spend more time in training. But the club did not approve and therefore had to part ways.

English Premier League side Liverpool have ended their work with throw-in coach Thomas Grönemark. After this season, as his contract expires in the UFABET middle of the year and will not be extended. The Danish throwing expert reveals he needs more time on the training ground with the players. but didn’t get the green light so had to part ways

"Swan" refuses to extend the contract "Coaches the far-flung", ending work for 5 years

The 47-year-old has been working with Jürgen Klopp ‘s side. Since 2018, having coached throw-ins for the likes of Ajax Amsterdam, RB Leipzig, Genk and Midtjylland. and become a powerful weapon in the offensive game The separation ended work for 5 years at Anfield. Went well without any controversy 

“I will not be working for Liverpool after this season. And I didn’t decide for myself. This is the decision of the club,”  said Grönemark, “but I respect that decision and I am always grateful for the amazing opportunities Jurgen has given me. In my first two seasons I went to  Liverpool four or five times each season. By spending a week working with each player. It’s wonderful because it means I can do a lot with them. And we had a great performance by winning the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League .”

However, after the trip His Merseyside is getting more and more infrequent. It focuses on delivering analytical reports on throw-ins, offensive and defensive games. After each game to the coaching staff due to travel restrictions and busy schedules for the players. It has become difficult for him to go to England and spend the same amount of time on the training ground as he did in the first time.

“I told the club that I feel the best solution for next season is to increase the number of training sessions. But the response from the club was that they didn’t think a return to Anfield four or five times a season was possible. And they will try to work on their own throw-ins from now on. I am always proud to say Working for Liverpool Football Club, ”   said Grönemark.