‘Red Devils’ refutes the news that ‘Greenwood’ is about to return, confirming that it has not yet been finalized.

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Manchester United have made a final statement over the future of young striker Mason Greenwood. not yet happened Although it was reported that Discussion prepares to return to join the first team in this new season. After the scandal

Manchester United, a club in the English Premier League, denied reports that There are plans to announce Mason Greenwood, a 21-year-old striker, to return to the first team again. Since Friday, August 4, but has to be postponed because the ยูฟ่าเบท club’s women’s football team has expressed their stance against returning, insisting that it is still in the final stages of decision making and that the conclusion will be announced again.

'Red Devils' refutes the news that 'Greenwood' is about to return, confirming that it has not yet been finalized.

rising star striker Has been suspended for more than a year since being charged with attempted rape. Mayhem and imprisoning young women. However, in early February Office of the Attorney General decided not to prosecute such lawsuits because the key witness withdrew. And there is new evidence to refute the allegations. While the club has an internal investigation.

However, it was reported on Wednesday August 16 that the club’s chief executive Richard Arnold told staff. Greenwood was due to return before the season kicked off. They want to consult with some of the club’s women’s players. Who is currently serving the England national team. In the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia, having to postpone the comeback first  

“The fact-finding phase of our investigation has now been completed and we are in the final stages of making a decision regarding Mason’s future,” the club said in a statement . That decision has yet to be made and is now a matter of intense internal consideration. Ultimately, the responsibility rests with the Chief Executive Officer. when it happens Decisions will be disclosed and explained to stakeholders inside and outside the club.”

Previously, it was reported that Adidas decided to allow Greenwood, the star center, to return to the field for the Red Devils as usual in this new season. After the player has not been prosecuted But it’s just a rumour. Because the big sponsors who support United’s racing series have announced that in response. The news is not true. And the decision is a matter of the club only.