React Bellingham after Haaland shows off difficult shot and slaps guru’s mouth 

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Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham reacts to former team-mate Erling Haaland’s difficult goal for Manchester City during the game. UEFA Champions League last night

Jude Bellingham ‘s reaction perfectly summed up Erling Haaland’s brilliant goal in Manchester City ‘s comeback win over Borussia d’Or. Dortmund 2-1 in the UEFA Champions League Group G (second match) last night. This UFABET game, the Blues fell behind in the second half of the match. Etihad Stadium from Bellingham’s goal before John Stones equalized for the hosts 10 minutes before timeout.

React Bellingham after Haaland shows off difficult shot and slaps guru's mouth 

   then Haland which is rarely involved throughout the game. Scored the winner for Manchester City four minutes later from the moment Joao Canzelo opened the ball from a side pink into the penalty area. Before Haaland showed a difficult shot. Jump and kick the ball into the goal. Became the triumphal arch of the Blue Sailboat. The door can also be closed to fans. The Yellow Tigers who sang mocking him and made everyone’s mouths open. It is said that this was the best finish he had ever scored in a blue shirt. Which after sending the ball net, the news is not happy to celebrate the goal to honor the old team

   After the game, Haaland was met with former team-mate Bellingham, who smiled at him with a slightly sad expression on his team’s defeat. The pair hugged and TV cameras caught Bellingham saying something like “Damn it” , with the England international unhappy with his side’s defeat in the final 15 minutes. Interview with BT Sport ‘s Des Kelly revealed that

    “It’s one of those games where you can dominate the ball. But you know you’re going to spend most of this game trying to defend. “We did really well in 75 minutes and that’s enough for a team like City to kill us.” excellent can make you You don’t let them smell. and they will punish you.” Bellingham also praised Haaland who was relatively quiet throughout the game until a brilliant finish in the goal said: “ That showed his quality that he wasn’t. always in game But by giving him half the chance, he can score a goal. And that’s what he did tonight.”

   Nhaland said after the game: “At the end We show how we are this is what we are And this is how we play. I was proud in the last 20-25 minutes, two great goals today, my goal, to be honest it was a little better! A beautiful cross from [Chuao] Canzelo.” Meanwhile, Haland also attacked critics for highlighting Manchester City’s lack of involvement during the game.

         “ I have to say it was a special goal. I scored for Dortmund as I did against Dortmund. I’ve tried doing this in recent games. playing for City and finally it works It was a good goal,” Haaland told beIN Sport. “For me it’s as easy to concentrate as I used to be.” “People might talk about how I wasn’t touching the ball enough or stuff like that. I don’t care about it. I know what I’m going to do what i have to do And this is what I did today in a tough race. And this is what I will continue to do.” “My dream is to touch the ball five times and score five goals. That was my biggest dream.”