Point to Ku! Antonio reveals what Richarlison will do when the hammer meets the chicken.

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West Ham United striker Mikel Antonio reveals what Richarlison The Tottenham Hotspur forward will do it when the two teams meet in the Premier League this December.

  Mikel Antonio has revealed that West Ham United team-mate Lucas Paqueta told him Richarlison ‘won’t shake hands’ with him when the Hammers face Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs in the Premier League last season. The Hammers forward has joked about the fact that Richarlison, who made a club-record move to Spurs, has had more yellow cards than goals. Including the way he always celebrates goals with his shirt off.

Point to Ku! Antonio reveals what Richarlison will do when the hammer meets the chicken.

          Antonio made these comments alongside Newcastle United’s Callum Wilson on the Footballer ‘s Football Podcast. However, making it clear it was just a ‘joke’ . back to being sensitive with a tease like this The comment, made last season, was echoed by Richarlison, who replied that he certainly scored more goals in the ufabet https://ufabet999.com World Cup than both.

But Antonio seems keen to make sure there are no problems between the two. Because he spoke with Paqueta , who is a Brazilian national team player. about such situations While the Hammers midfielder understands that Antonio is playful and fun and does not hold any grudges. But Richarlison seems to be overthinking it.

 When asked if Spurs need to sign another striker “I will no longer comment on Richarlison,” said Antonio. “It even feels like some people are a little too sensitive.” “I’m not going to talk about the person in that position. I’m just saying Tottenham need a striker, that’s enough, it’s a joke, we’re kidding. (regarding his comments about Richarlison)”

          “I went to ask Paqueta. They play together [in the national team] and I said, ‘What’s wrong with your friend? It’s a joke Can’t understand why he thinks so much’ to the point that his manager had to say ′′ Lucas was like, ‘He’s like that, Micky, I told him you were. But he said, ‘No, no, no, when we played them. I won’t shake his hand’ and the Hammers star laughed.

          On December 5th, West Ham will also travel to Spurs in London. And it will be interesting to see if Richarlison will decide not to shake Antonio’s hand. That, of course, means if he remains at the club as there has been talk of a possible move to Saudi Arabia this summer. Either way Richarlison seems to be taking Antonio’s comments too seriously. Because the Hammers were not meant to be disrespectful other than the banter that is commonly seen in the dressing room.