Pogba’s brother was arrested by police on charges of extorting his younger brother

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French media have revealed that Paul Pogba’s brother and his co-workers were arrested on charges of extortion. The France international has already extorted around 100,000 euros out of 13 million euros.

Le Monde reported that Matias Pogba, the brother of Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba in Serie A. Has been arrested by police on charges of extorting his brother. During his journey to give testimony. The case is alleged to be part of a group trying to extort 13 million euros or about 476 million baht.

Pogba's brother was arrested by police on charges of extorting his younger brother

The report states  that the Zebra midfielder has paid more than 100,000 euros or about 3.6 million baht, after being taken to a flat in Roissy-en-Bree. The eastern suburbs of Paris in March The UFABET gang was childhood friends and included his brother Mathias.

Additionally, a rifle was used to threaten €13 million in defense. Started as a footballer at the age of 16 and was silenced in order not to bring. The disgrace of this star player to condemnation by the former Manchester United player  trying to withdraw the full amount. But not authorized by the bank So only pay 100,000 euros. 

However , Mathias said his brother Paul lied to the police. therefore came to testify to confirm innocence As a result, he and three other gang members were arrested immediately, which at this time there is no further confirmation from the police. Will there be bail? Lawyers for both sides did not provide further details.

For Pogba, this time is in the recovery period. After undergoing surgery on the right knee disc herniation It’s all right On Monday, September 5, but not yet identified. How long will it take to recuperate? It is estimated that it will take a long time to rest until the beginning of November. Which is at the risk of not being fit enough to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with France National Team