Pioli points out where Milan made a mistake, losing to Internazionale in the first round of the Champions League playoffs.

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AC Milan manager Stefano Pioli has slammed his team’s mistakes. After losing to fellow city Inter Milan in the Champions League last night.

 Simone Inzaghi insists Inter Milan still have work to do to reach the Champions League finalimpressive 2-0win over AC Milan. Last 4 teams, first game last night. Inter scored two goals against city rivals in the first 11 minutes from Edin Zeko and Henrikh Mkhitaryan and managed to dominate the game above. Than easily in the first half Milan did a better job in the second half. But were unable to break the ball, leaving the supporters who were the ‘home UFABET team in this game disappointed.

Pioli points out where Milan made a mistake, losing to Internazionale in the first round of the Champions League playoffs.

         Inter Milan manager Inzaghi told Amazon Prime Video : “We could have scored more than two goals. But it’s a great race. We’ve been through many rounds. We know we are ′ ′ Now there will be a second leg. We will have fans with us and of course we know that we still have to put in a lot of effort to make our dreams come true ′′ I asked for it yesterday . This is a matter of heart and mind. They cover every inch of the field and those people who come to help us. That would make this form of play happen. Now it’s right to be happy. But we know we are still missing something.”

          Dzeko , who scored in this game, warned his teammates not to be complacent ahead of the second leg on Tuesday, May 19, 2023. “Obviously we know we have a good result But let’s just say even though the next game is theoretically away. It’s actually a home game for them just with our fans,” Dzeko told BT Sport. “We have to be careful because they are a good team . But if we play like we did today We are on a good path.”

          AC Milan manager Stefano Pioli insisted his side could still turn things around in the second leg after losing 2-0, with Pioli praising the team’s resilience as they struggled. to win the European Championship It’s his eighth Cup in 16 years after last winning in 2007. He told Amazon Prime Video : “We’re going to try to do better in the second leg. I think they are better at tackling and collecting the second ball. This match is bad from a tactical and mental point of view. “We have to start with the attitude in the second half. We have a chance to get the game back on the track it should be ′′ We’re going to show a completely different performance from tonight. But he realized he had to turn the game around in the second leg.

  Meanwhile, former Chelsea defender Fikayo Tomori insists Milan still have a chance to succeed. how we start the game conceded two goals early like that,” Tomori told BT Sport. “It was difficult but it was only the first game. We have to hold our heads up ′ ′ Of course we are disappointed because this is a home game in front of our fans. And we need good results in the second leg. But we know that if we play with the right intensity. We could frustrate them.” 

          The defeat to Inter was Milan’s third defeat to their compatriots in a single season. This is something they haven’t experienced since the 1994-95 season, with Milan winning 3-2 over Inter in Serie A in September. Before losing two successive games, 3-0 in the Italian Super Cup and 1-0 in Serie A, last season’s Italian champions had only won two of their last six domestic games and stayed outside the top. Four in the table with four games left to play.