Manchester United’s boss refuses to answer the question of Rashford’s departure, insists he wants to talk internally.

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• Manchester United created a total of 22 chances in this game, scoring 4 goals, without the name of Marcus Rashford.

• The English striker has a contract remaining with the team until mid-2028.

Manchester United's boss refuses to answer the question of Rashford's departure, insists he wants to talk internally.

Manchester United boss Eric Ten Hag refused to discuss Marcus Rashford’s absence from the 4-0 FA Cup win over Newport County. 2

According to media reports, Rashford has left the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team and traveled to Northern Ireland to join a party there. before missing practice and telling the club that he was sick The club stated that the player was unable to play due to illness. and therefore did not have a name for this game, while Ten​ Haag said after the game for the same reason as the club. and refused to say more on this matter.

“He reported that he was sick. The rest we will discuss internally. I will deal with this matter. I won’t say anything more than this. We played well, had a good game and now we will move on.”

“The first 35 minutes of the game we controlled the game. Don’t let your competitors have a chance. And we should have made it 5-0, but they scored the first goal. Another goal later and we have to talk about how terrible the defense was in managing this goal. A 2-2 goal changed the momentum of the game. But we were still calm enough. And getting back into our game with the 3rd and 4th goals, our job was completed.”

In the next round of the FA Cup, Manchester United will travel to another game against Winner: Bristol City or Nottingham Forest.