How to choose a gun for shooting fish

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The main weapon used in fish shooting games is a gun, which has 2 types:

How to choose a gun for shooting fish

                  1. A normal gun with a better rate of fire. But not strong enough to penetrate the fish if there are other fish to receive the bullet instead of the target. Suitable for shooting small fish to collect points or use to snipe the boss is ok. It can be fired one shot at a time or can be arranged as a set. But focusing on those who are close to the gun and those who come in groups will be more worthwhile. Because every shot that is fired also means using the bets placed.

                  2. Electric guns are stronger than normal guns. But it’s not as powerful as special guns like lasers or missiles. In some games, the UFABET target can be locked if it’s still in the scene. Suitable for people who want to be sure to shoot one shot at a time. Or use it to shoot fish that swim fast. Including the use of boss fish in a few shots.

                  As for how to shoot fish, it’s not difficult. Just tap the desired location to shoot 1 time equals 1 shot. If you want to shoot in series, you can press it together.   

  • Payout rate and method of calculation

          In fish shooting games there are many different species of fish to shoot. Each type has a different payout rate. Some may be fixed. Some payouts are random. Depending on how the game determines the conditions, here we have to study the details of each game itself. But regardless of any game, there is a method for calculating the payout rate in case of killing fish. Bet Amount x Payout of Fish Killed = Number of Prizes awarded