De Gea almost joined Wigan before completing Ghost two years later

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Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea was close to signing at Wigan in 2019. But had more opportunities to play for Atletico Madrid, so he changed his mind. stay

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea admits he was close to making a move to Wigan Athletic in 2019 when he was still Atletico Madrid ‘s third-choice . That year he gained more playing time and decided to stay in the Bulls league until he became No 1. Before moving to the post at Old Trafford two years later.

De Gea almost joined Wigan before completing Ghost two years later

The 31-year-old goalkeeper became a Red Devils party in the 2011-2012 season. After success with Atletico until Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager at the time. Choose to spend nearly 19 million pounds, or about 808 million baht. Grabbed the army and even started with the club badly in the first season. But in the end he succeeded in holding onto his real position. 

However, the Spaniard came out in retrospect that. He was actually almost moved to the Latics earlier.” Yes, that team (pointing to the Wigan Athletic shirt). I was at Atletico and it was the same season that I made my debut. And I’m like a third-choice goalkeeper and don’t join the UFABET team much. just practice Nothing else, so Wigan contacted me to sign a contract with them. And I’m close to signing with Wigan.”

While the reason for not moving , De Gea told BT Sport that he was given the opportunity to play 35 games for Atletico Madrid between the 2009-2010 season and win the Europa League , making the decision. stay with the team Then he became the number one in the Spanish national team for another season. Before deciding to move to the Premier League with United in the end

Indeed, while playing for the Red Devils, it was reported that  De Gea was close to making a move to his homeland giants Real Madrid in 2015, but transfer documents have been faxed back. Not in time for the summer market deadline So he had to miss the opportunity to join the White King army and stay in the noble land for the next 12 years.