Bohly explains a different vision that led to the sacking of Tuchel from Singha

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Chelsea chairman Todd Bohly reveals differences in team vision Causing him to sack Thomas Tuchel from the position of head coach. To work with a new manager to make things go smoothly.

Chelsea co-owner Todd Bohly has revealed why Thomas Tuchel was forced to sack the Blues. Because his vision for the club’s development did not match. Must turn to a consultant who is ready to follow the same approach before setting up Graham Potter. A former trainer of Brighton and Hove Albion to act instead.

Bohly explains a different vision that led to the sacking of Tuchel from Singha

German boss He was knocked out of his chair on Wednesday. After leading the team to a 1-0 defeat against Croatian team Dinamo Zagreb in the UEFA Champions League Group E the first leg a day earlier. While Performance in the league, collecting only 10 points from 6 games ranks 6th in the table. But the billionaire from the United States has confirmed that. It’s not about the performance of the team.

“Our goal is to combine the team with the Academy, the first team, with the clubs we have acquired and developed. All must be well lubricated machines. And the truth of our decision was that we weren’t sure Thomas would feel the same way we thought,” the American businessman said in a hometown conference. “Nobody was right or wrong. We just don’t have a common vision for the future. And it’s not about losing to Zagreb, it’s about a shared vision for what we want for the UFABET club.” 

Boleigh also praised Tuchel for being extremely talented and clearly a wonderful person. Success with Chelsea in the past But for the club. It’s about finding a manager who really wants to work with us. There are directions in the same direction. He thinks there are still many walls that Chelsea will have to break and need a change in manager.

Potter , who takes over as new manager at Stamford Bridge on a five-year contract or until the summer of 2027, is set to make his debut in the Champions League group stage two. With the home visit to Salzburg on Wednesday, September 14, and this is the first time he has served in this tournament.